PayDirt Payroll Has The Wow! Factor

Developed In Canada For Canadian Payroll Users

PayDirt Payroll Pro

  • Purchase price of PayDirt Pro: $1,550.00
  • Annual tax table fee: $595 (1st year is included free)
  • Best suited to companies with 50-200 employees
  • Best suited to cimpanies with an in-house bookkeeper
  • Tracks vacation, banked time, sick time, or any bank
  • Built-in HR system with user defined fields
  • Email deposit slips instead of printing and handing them out
  • Submit ROEs online and then print them to blank paper
  • Includes a built-in context sensitive help system

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PayDirt Payroll Lite

  • Purchase price of PayDirt Lite program: Free
  • Use it free until the end of the first year, including doing T4s
  • If you like it buy the next year’s tax table update for $225
  • Best suited to companies with 10-50 employees
  • Best suited to companies with some payroll experience
  • Can print separate pay advices if cheques are handwritten
  • Prints T4s and does online T4 submission to the CRA
  • Can do direct deposits as well as print cheques
  • Includes a built-in context sensitive help system

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When users see how simple and easy their payroll can be the very first thing they say is Wow! No matter how complex (or simple) your payroll is we´ll make it easier, and save your office staff time, money, and frustration. Check out the testimonials page and see what our users have to say about the program and support.

What Is Driving Users To Leave Their Payroll Program?

The payroll needs of even small Canadian companies are growing increasingly complex. The proper calculation of payroll is now beyond the capability of most payroll software as more and more companies provide complex pay and benefit packages to their employees and expect the payroll department to “figure it out” (does this sound familiar to you?). And the current payroll system can’t manage the new demands.

As well, the general ledger accounting requirements from payroll also exceed the capability of most payroll programs as companies want a more detailed accounting breakdown of payroll expenses to properly manage their operations, and the current payroll system can’t manage that either, and probably never did.

For many companies in Canada, the only solution to these shortcomings has been to develop in-house spreadsheets and other records to generate the needed payroll information. But this approach makes payroll even more difficult to keep track of, results in the need to enter many amounts twice, and leads to endless errors and fixups. Worse, finding the desired information means looking in several places. Our goal is to handle all those difficult and complicated calculations automatically within the payroll program and help you eliminate all of of your spreadsheets.

Why PayDirt Payroll?

PayDirt Payroll Pro and PayDirt Payroll Lite enable Canadian companies to properly calculate their payroll and, of equal importance, generate the desired accounting transactions without having to do additional work outside of the payroll program, ensuring that the work is done right, and only done once. More importantly, PayDirt Payroll will do all of that while actually making payroll easier to do and simpler to run. That’s the Wow! factor that users use to describe their new payroll experience.

  • Cut your payroll processing work in half.
  • Track all accruals within PayDirt Payroll with NO additional work.
  • Track accruals and banks in hours, dollars, or both.
  • Print accrual balances on employee pay stubs eliminating ongoing balance questions from staff.
  • Create complex calculations for hard to calculate paycodes.
  • Integrate payroll and your existing accounting so you can avoid manually re-entering all the details in the G/L.
  • Work with a payroll process that is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to train.
  • Both versions, Pro and Lite, handle all provinces’ payroll requirements, including Quebec’s.
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