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QLab Systems Ltd.
Creators of PayDirt Payroll
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Vancouver, BC V6J 4L7
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About QLab Systems and PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll was created and is maintained by QLab Systems, a software systems support firm that has been providing computerized payroll and accounting solutions to Canadian clients for over 25 years.

QLab created its first specialized payroll solution, focused on the restaurant industry, in 1983. The development of PayDirt Payroll today, however, is intended to address the ever increasing complexities of payrolls across all industries and markets. PayDirt Payroll was introduced to Canadian companies in 2002 and is now in use in more than 500 businesses, located in every province across Canada.

QLab´s extensive accounting, payroll, troubleshooting, and business experience is reflected in the natural and intuitive way that PayDirt Payroll solves the many complicated problems that today´s payroll users face. More importantly, perhaps, PayDirt Payroll takes the accounting for payroll seriously and ensures that all payroll expenses are allocated the way you want them to be when they hit the general ledger.

PayDirt Payroll has a long list of unique features that solve payroll managers’ headaches, and make payroll look easy. In fact, our ultimate goal is to eliminate all those nasty spreadsheets you’ve been using for years to calculate and track payroll information that really should have been done internally and automatically by your payroll software.

~ Phil McLeod