Payroll & Social Assistance For First Nations

We are committed to providing two excellent software programs in support of First Nations’ needs.

Now, you can completely handle two of the most daunting tasks in the finance office with one powerful program, First Nations payroll, and First Nations Social Assistance payments, reporting, and auditing. See why more than 150 First Nations organizations across Canada use PayDirt to handle their unique requirements.

PayDirt Payroll for First Nations

PayDirt Payroll Pro for First Nations provides these abilities and features:

  • Designating employees as Status Indians simplifies processing, year end tax filing, and reporting.
  • Easily divides up all employee earnings and benefits into the many departments required by First Nations.
  • Tracks banked time, vacation pay, compassionate leave, sick time, and any other banks needed.
  • Integrates directly with your accounting program’s general ledger.
  • Automates the tracking of all benefits, including RRSP contributions and pension plan contributions.
  • Eliminates all manual work now being done in spreadsheets as PayDirt Payroll does it for you automatically.

PayDirt Social Assistance for First Nations

PayDirt Social Assistance System for First Nations provides these abilities and features:

  • Quickly and easily make social assistance payments to any number of clients.
  • After month end automatically produce the dreaded SDFSR report with only a single click.
  • For audit purposes, print the same SDFSR report in detail showing every payment made during the same reporting period.
  • Enter budget and decision amounts for each client and the program will print the forms and the amounts ready for client signatures.
  • Track all guardianees and their foster home assignments by date period for auto printing on the summary section of the SDFSR report.
  • Easily create 3rd party payment cheques for hydro, rent, telephone and other deductions, listing every deduction made by clients’ account numbers.

Payroll for First Nations

  • Easy to train
  • Designate staff as status or not
  • Break out departmental payroll
  • Provide complete audit trail
  • Print T4s to box 71 for status staff
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PayDirt SA for First Nations

  • Easily print and audit SA payments
  • Does SDFSR reporting by quarters
  • Prints 3rd party cheques
  • Tracks guardianees and payments
  • Budget & Decision Form entry
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