PayDirt Payroll for First Nations

More than 150 First Nations organizations across Canada use PayDirt software to handle their unique requirements, because PayDirt software for First Nations is perfect for the unique requirements you face.

First Nations Payroll

Specifically designed for First Nations needs, all the power of PayDirt Payroll Pro is at your fingertips. This includes many payroll features of particular value to Canada’s First Nations:

  • Automatically assign earnings made by Status Indian employees to box 71 on T4 slips by designating the employee as a Status employee. It’s as simple as turning on the First Nations switch.
    Employee is Status Indian checkbox
    As a result there is no need to create separate duplicate paycodes for Status and Non-Status employees. The same paycodes can be used because the employees can be designated individually as Status or Non-status employees.
  • Distribute all payroll costs to the proper general ledger accounts and departments (programs) including
    • Wage expenses.
    • Non-cash employee benefits.
    • Employer’s portion of EI, CPP and other benefits (which are prorated in proportion to wage expenses to the various programs and departments).
      Allow the program to figure out how to split up all the government and benefit expenses automatically and correctly, and never have to do that job yourself again.
  • Report on all wage expenses by program or department for any time period and be assured that all program expenses have been correctly and automatically assigned to the right programs.
  • Pay employees by any combination of cheques and direct deposit in one batch; great when employees are remote from the accounting office. You can even e-mail employee pay advices and eliminate printing them.
  • Send detailed or consolidated accounting to all popular general ledger software including Adagio Accounting.
  • Provide a clear and complete audit trail: When auditors ask you can easily and quickly print the required report for them for every department and band program.
  • PayDirt Payroll keeps all your prior year payroll history so you can run reports for any fiscal period, not just the current calendar year. Run reports for your fiscal year of April 1 to March 31, or any other date range. You won’t ever again have to open last year’s payroll data to get 9 months of information to put in a spreadsheet, and then open this year’s payroll data to get the last 3 months. In fact, no more spreadsheets!
  • PayDirt Payroll is very easy to teach to new payroll clerks. Because the workflow for doing payroll is so natural the learning process is short and easy. Training and orientation for new payroll staff is simple and quick.
  • PayDirt Payroll easily handles difficult benefits such as banked time, compassionate leave, sick time, and discretionary leave, and automatically keeps a record for each employee of special time used in any program.
  • Preview T4 printing at year end to ensure earnings are correctly allocated to the correct box before submission.
  • Print T4s, T4As, T4Es, and T5007s. (This allows bands to properly report living allowances and tuition assistance to their young students.)