PayDirt Payroll Lite

Okay, so you know you need a full-featured powerful payroll program to handle your company’s needs. But you worry about the boss’s reaction when she sees the price tag. Well, worry no more… the functionality of PayDirt Payroll Lite is available for an unbeatable price: FREE! Note: PayDirt Payroll Lite runs on Windows only, is single user only and cannot be installed on a server drive, a Mac computer, a phone or a tablet.
  • Download PayDirt Lite and do payroll your first year for free, including T4s at year end.
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It’s Free

  1. Yes, the software is free.
  2. Use it until the end of December at no charge to calculate payroll and then submit T4s to the CRA when your last payroll for the year is completed.
  3. To continue in the following year purchase the new year’s tax tables for $275 when prompted at the end of the year.

Pay Employees By Cheque or Direct Deposit

  1. Print your paycheques using PayDirt’s cheque printing function.
  2. Record cheque numbers in PayDirt if you handwrite your paycheques.
  3. Or, use PayDirt’s built-in EFT direct deposit feature to deposit your staff’s paycheques using your own bank or a 3rd party service.


  1. PayDirt Lite totals all of your T4 amounts at year end.
  2. Print your T4s to paper to hand out to employees.
  3. Create an electronic file for T4s that can be uploaded to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Unlimited Employees

  1. There’s no limit to the number of employees you can do payroll for.
  2. You can even do payroll for multiple companies – no limit there either.

All Provinces

PayDirt Lite provides tax calculations for all provinces and territories.