PayDirt Payroll Pro

Canadian companies tell us they love our powerful but easy to use payroll software. PayDirt Payroll Pro Really Can Make Your Payroll Life Easier Contact Us To Get More Info About PayDirt Pro


  1. Design your company’s paycodes and formulas for automatic built-in calculations.
  2. Import time worked from timesheets or timeclocks to eliminate double entry.
  3. Allow PayDirt to prepare all the required ROE info and upload the ROEs online.

Preview Results

  1. Calculate any employee to check and verify changes without having to process the entire payrun.
  2. Preview individual journal entries to check accounting output prior to posting.
  3. Preview employee pay slips to check results from the employee’s perspective.


  1. Customize the accounting for every employee to properly track expenses and liabilities.
  2. Use PayDirt’s unique “Distribute” feature to automatically break down expenses by department.
  3. Send payroll accounting to any of the major accounting systems to eliminate double entering of journal entries.


  1. Use PayDirt’s built-in EFT direct deposit feature to deposit your staff’s paycheques using your own bank or a 3rd party service.
  2. Email employees’ paystubs to eliminate all that printing and handling.
  3. Password protect your emails for additional security.


  1. Use PayDirt’s many built in reports for government remittances and WCB/WSIB reporting.
  2. Create your own reports within PayDirt Payroll to report to management on all aspects of payroll expenses.
  3. Save the reports you create and reuse them anytime.