PayDirt Payroll Testimonials

Industry: Manufacturing

I was able to update & process our 1st payroll in 2013 already!! I LOVE your payroll system – it is soooo user friendly, accurate & easy to learn. Ever since Brian Stief set us up with your program, I have been delighted with it. Keep up the GREAT Work!! All the best in 2013 to you & fellow staff members.

M. Rhodes, Lucky Strike Bait Works (Fishing Gear), Peterborough, ON

Industry: Accounting/Technology

Over a dozen happy BDO clients have switched to QLab Systems’ PayDirt payroll. Most report substantial time savings because of features like Mass change, automatic distribution of payroll costs and month end accruals…the feature list is lengthy. From a dealer/consultant point of view, set up and conversions are a breeze, and QLab’s technical support department is second to none. PayDirt is a pleasure to install and support.

J. Einarson, BDO Business Technology Solutions, Thunder Bay, ON

Industry: Construction

Your Payroll program rocks!!! It is easily adaptable to fit the needs of this company (which has lots of OT and different rates). I have used AccPac and SAP and would highly recommend your system. I especially like the reports that can be generated quickly to see EI hours and YTD earnings. After trying to suffer thru AccPac to find this employee info, I appreciate it even more.

Even your updates are quick and painless and explained in detail to make it effortless.

D. Green, Nanaimo, BC

Industry: Property Management

Our old payroll system took me three days just to complete one pay period. Processing bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay periods for 45 employees at 20+ property sites, each integrated with its own general ledger, a total of 6 days each month was spent on one task. With PayDirt, each pay period now takes only 30 minutes to complete, and that includes folding the Direct Deposit Advice Slips! That’s an hour a month compared to 6 days. Immeasurable satisfaction. My stress level diminished as my timeline for preparing the payroll was vastly improved.

Our installer and trainer, Phil, was terrific. Working in an office where our technology was somewhat antiquated, Phil was patient and accommodating. His knowledge of the program was exemplary. He was able to respond to our unique situation with ease and confidence. Despite the three-hour time difference between the two provinces, it was as though Phil worked in my hometown. QLab goes out of their way to meet their clients’ schedules.

G. Lazette, Ottawa, ON

Industry: Farming

On Friday March 16th we had a pay run where I issued cheques to 561 employees. I was unable to start processing the payroll in PayDirt until 11:00 am. Normally I would have started around 9:00 am and would have been done printing the cheques around 3:00 in the afternoon. As you can imagine I was a bit concerned since this was the first time I had processed a payroll of this size in PayDirt. I was very surprised and pleased when I finished printing the cheques at 1:30 pm. Everything worked perfectly. The import went smoothly and the custom work you guys did to allow us to transfer negative cheques into another batch allowed me to reconcile my payroll very easily.

I have also been impressed with my ability to enter as many as 170 new employees per day into the system. In previous years it was often very time consuming entering all the new employees into my old payroll system on a timely basis. This year I was able to stay on top of it and never fell behind. I am also very impressed with the tight integration with our Time and Attendance system.

I thought you might like to know how pleased I am with how your software has helped to streamline our payroll process, and how happy I am with my decision to purchase PayDirt. I would not hesitate to recommend PayDirt to anyone.

P. Douglas, Victoria, BC

Industry: Sales & Maintenance

I can’t begin to explain how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE using PayDirt for our company’s payroll! I’ve been a payroll manager for several years, and have used a few systems at different companies. I have endured some painful system conversions in the past, but Phil has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has made the transition a breeze. The conversion from our old system couldn’t have gone any smoother or simpler, and the online training was clear and thorough.

I’ve been using PayDirt for several months now, and it’s saved hours of time and manual labour to do the required payrolls for our 100 employees. Everything our company could ever need has been considered in programming PayDirt, including new hires, terminations, ROE uploads, bonus tax structures, taxable benefits, remittances and more. I no longer need to spend needless time doing manual calculations and record keeping. Time entries are simple and efficient. All the reports are clear, concise, and thorough, and the navigation is extremely user friendly.

I would HIGHLY recommend PayDirt Payroll to any company.

K. Schultz, Douglas Lake, BC

Industry: Community Service

I wanted to let you know that I have now completed 2 payrolls successfully using PayDirt and I have received many compliments on the new paystubs and all the accrual information available. Staff are loving it. Some also really appreciate receiving their pay advice by email, but not all have opted for this.

I also love being able to retrieve the general ledger entry into Adagio, instead of all the work I did to create it afterwards from the reports from ADP.

I also wanted to say that it’s been great working with both of you to get this setup and running. Thanks to each of you for all your help.

B. Dumbleton, Peterborough, ON

Industry: Golfing and Resorts

PayDirt is a comprehensive payroll software program that has cut my time to process payroll from one week to down to one day! It is super easy to use and has endless features that all HR personnel wish for. The training was done via a link to a QLab trainer on computer and although I was not sure how that would go over at first, it turned out to be very convenient and easy to do. A year and a half after installation trainers are available at anytime if I have questions and are always prompt with solutions. I would, and have recommended this payroll software program to everyone I know in the field. The guys at QLab know what they are doing and seem to have thought of everything!

T. Garrett, Courtenay, BC

Industry: Hospitality/Hotels

The time and effort required to do payroll has been greatly reduced by using PayDirt Payroll as the methods for processing payroll are quite natural. It is quite an easy process. I have no trouble finding the reports I need and they are very well laid out and easy to read. The program has all the necessary features. I especially like the government remittance reports. The installation of PayDirt Payroll and conversion of our payroll records went very smoothly. The training was quite professional. The installer was very knowledgable and made me feel quite confident in using the new program. The experience of changing payroll systems was much better than I thought it would be.

K. Panrucker, Prince George, BC

Industry: Education/Schools

Did I ever tell you how much I love PayDirt? It really is an awesome program even for a payroll beginner like me. I know hours of work went into creating the program- so thank you. The intuitive fields, the overall “feel” and of course functionality are appreciated. Anyway, just wanted to tell you because I’m sure you mostly hear the “problems” and not the praises.

L. MacKenzie, Victoria, BC

Industry: Accounting/Technology

All went well on this install. I was very impressed with the timecard import functionality in PayDirt. I also wanted to pass along a note to you and Darryl about how I appreciate your excellent dealer support. I haven’t dealt with any other Payroll (or other software) vendors that have provided such a high level of support. It is very much appreciated and reflects well on your product.

K. Belyea, CMA, Saint John, NB

Industry: Social Housing

We implemented PayDirt about a year ago and it has been a great improvement to our organization. It interfaces very well with our accounting software and saves us many hours throughout the year and at year end. Most recently, I have been very impressed with the customer service at QLab. In addition to Payroll, we also use PayDirt to direct deposit assistance payments to our clients. We are required to issue T5007′s for these payments, so within days of my request, QLab modified the program and included this form on the T4 menu. This level of personalized customer service definitely went above and beyond anything I’ve experienced with a software company, and this enhancement will again save me hours at year end. I would highly recommend PayDirt to any company looking for a user friendly, comprehensive software package that is complimented by exceptional customer service and technical support.

T. McGregor, Grande Prairie, AB

Industry: Manufacturing

I just wanted to let you know that the PayDirt Program is working wonderfully for us. It has reduced our payroll hours by 25% and the flexibility makes any changes quick and easy. We also like the reporting functions; they allow fast access to applicable data. We completed our year-end and T4 faster than we ever have before and we were only $.03 out from our government deductions, so well done.

W. Mitchell, Victoria, BC

Industry: Manufacturing

The support and guidance has been so helpful that the transition was made very smooth and I can do my job a lot better despite that fact that I am not very computer literate. I would highly recommend this program because of the support. Also, PayDirt has the feature, “Recover Advances” that I like. Before, I had only one way, the manual way, to keep track of deductions for advances.

C. Wong, Mississauga, ON

Industry: Health Care

Over the past few years I had looked at several payroll programs to replace the Accpac (DOS) payroll program we were using. All the programs I looked at fell short of meeting our requirements. With 2 different union groups plus a non-union employee group and various benefits, pensions, union dues, etc that were sensitive to varying wages our needs were complex even though we only have 40 or so employees. Most programs which would meet our needs were designed for hospital type settings and were way too expensive for a small non profit such as us.

PayDirt has met all of our complex needs. Your work in particular in setting up the various formulas has been invaluable. We were able to switch to direct deposit easily, the interface with our accounting program is extremely easy and the payroll reports (for which we have many task masters!!) all work with unwavering reliability. When I have had a concern your company has responded quickly and usefully and has NEVER treated me like I’m some kind of computing idiot.

Indeed, my only concern is that your program is so good that some big software giant will buy it up and leave us stranded with the usual crappy service we’ve come to expect with any computer “service”.

Your program is great.

M. Wallace, Nanaimo, BC

Industry: Software R&D

The program has more than all the features that our company requires. Every thing is intuitively organized and very easy to follow. The most important feature that has been a significant aid in managing payroll is Mass Change, which has saved me hours and hours, and the emailing of pay slips has increased our efficiency as well. The Mass change feature saves sooooooo much time it is an invaluable tool. My time to produce payroll has been cut in half at least since implementing PayDirt Payroll. QLab is there as soon as you need help with the right answer the first time. Everything went so smooth that it did not disrupt any services provided by the payroll department. The training and hand holding was very professional and entertaining. The experience didn’t even hurt a bit.

B. Landry, Victoria, BC

Industry: Construction

Welcome back and I hope you had an enjoyable and memorable trip to Europe. While you were gone I was able to get the PayDirt Payroll Systems installed at the client’s with the expert coaching from Darryl. The client absolutely loves the system which has cut her weekly processing time from a day to about 2 hours a week.

N. McLean, Accounting Technology Consultant, London, ON

Industry: Community Service

I just wanted to say how great the PayDirt program is. I have never had such an easy time of doing the T4’s. We have clients that I need to do a T4A for so I am thinking of how I can use the program to print them as well. Thanks for a great program!

D. Wilkerson, Ft. St. John, BC