Canada’s PayDirt Payroll And Adagio Accounting Software

Adagio Accounting Products

The developers of PayDirt Payroll have worked closely with the programmers of Adagio Accounting to create a seamless integration between them. This makes PayDirt Payroll the perfect Canadian payroll program for Adagio users.

PayDirt can work with Adagio Ledger versions from 8.0 to current. It imports the Chart of Accounts from Adagio and can – at your option – verify all transactions against that list. This ensures that the batch taken to the ledger is free of “invalid account” errors.

Retrieving a PayDirt Payroll batch into Adagio Ledger is the same as retrieving any other Adagio subledger batch; Adagio Ledger recognizes PayDirt as a subledger and properly assigns the transactions when retrieving them.

But the interaction with Adagio goes further. PayDirt Payroll can also properly send transactions to Adagio BankRec making it easy to reconcile all your bank transactions in one place. For Adagio users without the BankRec module, a payroll batch can be sent through Adagio Payables allowing all payroll cheques to be cleared there.

Adagio JobCost is also supported allowing payroll costs to be easily assigned to projects. When entering payroll, you can select the job, phase and category for each item. When you post the batch and create the accounting entries, the job cost file is also created and can then be retrieved in Adagio JobCost.

PayDirt Payroll and Adagio Accounting, the perfect combination!